GtkRadiant Win32 Binaries

ZeroRadiant 1.6

ZeroRadiant 1.6 is the current development build. This is for developers and beta testers. Expect possible stability issues, please report all bugs on the forum or on the developer mailing list.

ZeroRadiant is in active development, check back for details and updates. If you think you can help with the project with either programming or bug testing, feel free to join the mailing list to stay up to date with the latest developments and learn how you can help.

ZeroRadiant (2011-04-05) *Latest Build | Local
ZeroRadiant (2010-11-28) id Software | Local
mfn Experimental Branch Binaries | Source

GtkRadiant 1.5

GtkRadiant 1.5 has wrapped up development and version 1.5.0 is the last stable version. GtkRadiant 1.5 installs with a universal installer for all supported games. Separate "gamepacks" must also be installed for the required game SDK files.

Universal Installer Mirror | Local
Gamepacks Mirror | Local

GtkRadiant 1.4

GtkRadiant 1.4 has wrapped up development and version 1.4.0 is the last stable version. GtkRadiant 1.4 includes the core program and SDK files in several bundled installers. Please choose the right version for the game platform of choice.

Q3/RTCW/ET Mirror | Local
Raven: SoF2/JK2/JA/EF Mirror | Local
Classic: HL/Q2/Heretic2 Mirror | Local


Older, discontinued versions of GtkRadiant.

GtkRadiant 1.3.13 Q3/RTCW/ET Mirror | Local
GtkRadiant 1.2.11 Q3/RTCW Mirror | Local


Q3Map2 is included with most versions of GtkRadiant, but for the latest version, support, or other files, please visit the Q3Map2 page.

Quake 3 Extras

Revised GtkRadiant and Q3Map2 SDK files for Quake 3 level design, updated for the modern developer. Includes miscellaneous fixes and updates for GtkRadiant, Q3Map2 and Quake 3 Arena 1.32.


Branding Kit

Collection of Radiant logos, web link buttons and product shots.