The Q3Map2 Edition

Q3Map2 is an updated version of the original Q3Map program used to compile .map files created in a level editor such as Radiant into .bsp files used by id Tech 3 games. Since it's introduction, ydnar has added so many new features and improved efficiency to the degree where Q3Map2 has become the standard compiling program for the level editing community as well as for many commercial games.

The Q3Map2 Edition is built off of the original QeRadiant Shader Manual written by the staff at id Software, improving upon it by including new shader directives introduced by Q3Map2, while expanding on the original content.

This is currently the second edition of the Q3Map2 Shader Manual. It has been rewritten and converted to W3C compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict specifications. It is currently an actively developed project so check back for updates.

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Q3Map2 Edition

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QeRadiant Shader Manual, Revision #12

Paul Jaquays
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Additional material
John Carmack
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The new official home for the Q3Map2 Shader Manual is now located at robotrenegade.

Feel free to e-mail me (Obsidian) if you have any suggestions, comments or error corrections: obsidian-at-robotrenegade-dot-com

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