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Special Note for GameSpy Users
New Weapons
New Items
Additional Features
Map Rotation
Havoc Bot
The Chaos Deathmatch Command Configuration File
Chaos Capture the Flag


This little Quake2-Addon is dedicated to every DM-Player who got tired of all those Deathmatch-Mods that were released that featured mass destruction weapons like the 'Mega-Super-Huge- Kill-Everyone-In-The-Whole-Level-With-One-Single-Shot-BLASTER'. MODs like "PainKeep" for Quake1 are our inspiration! Weapons that don't give you a chance to survive longer than two seconds after your opponent got that BIG BABY do not make a good MOD! But integrating items into the game that make you roll laughing on the floor holding your stomach after using them on your enemy or just giving you this great "BOAH"-Effect starring with open mouth at your screen.

Special Note for GameSpy Users

Some versions of GameSpy won't start Quake2 mods directly in their game sub-directory but instead will launching standard Q2 and afterwards the mod. This method has one disadvantage: during switching from the standard Quake2 game directory named baseq2 to Chaos, Quake is copying the config.cfg and autoexec.cfg (the configuration files where all Quake2 settings and key bindings are placed). Result: the Chaos 'cfg' files get killed! So PLEASE if you're using GAMESPY: after first configuring your preferred key bindings and other settings quit back into Windows. Then copy the config.cfg and the autoexec.cfg from chaos into the baseq2 (in normal Quake2-Mode you'll get afterwards probably a short message line saying "settings.cfg not found" but that just doesn't matter there). The most important point here is that there's still a line with "exec settings.cfg" in the autoexec.cfg, otherwise you will wonder why you cannot use the extra weapons!

After connecting to a Chaos server and seeing only a blinking cursor on the console background for a long time, try to type in "RECONNECT" into the console.


In many of these mods you will be required to bind keys to various game commands that were not included in the original Quake II. To bind a key to a command you will need to do the following:

  1. Run the mod that you wish to play.
  2. Press the tilde ( ~ ) key to pull down the Quake II console.
  3. At the console type, bind (key that you want to use) "(action for that key)"
    Example: Binding "J" key to Jump (if typed into the console) would be:   bind j "+moveup"
                   Binding "Space Bar" to Jump (if typed into the console would be:  bind space "+moveup"

After the name of the item you can see the predefined key AND the bind-command which you can find in the settings.cfg if you want to re-map that thing to another keystroke.

First the single weapon and at second place the binding for the whole weapon group the single one is placed in. The 'X' stands for 'any-key' you want to use for this weapon.

The extra weapons are laid over the original weapons, just press the corresponding key twice. For example, if you want to use the Explosive SuperShotgun and you're currently using the normal SuperShotgun just press the '3' a second time.

New Weapons

Weapon: Bastard Broadsword        Binding '2' bind X "use bastard sword"                     bind 2 "cmd class2"
Description: This is for everyone who always wanted to play a little bit "Conan" in a game like Quake2. Your big disadvantage while using this little devil is that you have to get very close to your opponent. The big advantage is that once you're close enough you'll be able to kill most enemies with one single swing. This weapon is not a mass destruction weapon, it's more for the thieves and sneakers amongst us who like to get their unaware victims from behind.

Weapon: Chain Saw                         Binding '2' bind X "use chainsaw"                             bind 2 "cmd class2"
Description: The Chain Saw is the most extreme close combat weapon ever seen in a Quake2 mod. Just use it like the broadsword. It’s very powerful, like the sword, but it too has some disadvantages. First you only cut in the direction you're facing (and not through your complete field of view like swinging the broadsword). Second, everyone hears when you walk around with a running Chain Saw so you may want to forget about sneak'n'hide tactics.

Weapon: Explosive SuperShotgun Binding '3' bind X "use explosive super shotgun" bind 3 "cmd class3"
Description: This is not necessarily a new weapon, but a funny enhancement of an old one. This weapon and it's ammo is spread sparsely through the levels, so use it wisely. Take the normal Shotgun-Shells and add explosive heads. Very useful to burn campers out of their holes. I could start crying every time I see their confused faces when they realize that their dark hideout just became an exploding inferno. Try it! Like it!
Note: due to the fact that we want to keep the whole item and weapon selection of C.H.A.O.S. clear and not too overloaded, there is only an Explosive SuperShotgun, no other shotguns.

Weapon: Crossbow normal arrows Binding '4' bind X "use crossbow"                             bind 4 "cmd class4"
Description: For those who want that Medieval feel. Don't underestimate this little baby because about three shots and your unprotected enemy gets nailed. Great to use in combination with the telezoom. Ever get those panic thoughts after hearing an arrow coming from nowhere crashing right above your head into the wall?

Weapon: Crossbowpoisoned arrows Binding '4' bind X "use crossbow"                              bind 4 "cmd class4"
Description: The extra kick! Causes the same damage as the normal ones but if the opponent is hit he also gets poisoned for about 5 seconds making him an easier target.

Weapon: Crossbow with explosive arrows Binding '4' bind X "use crossbow"          bind 4 "cmd class4"
Description: As the name implies, they are arrows with nice explosive heads. These boys are rare, and extremely valuable. Silent and mighty, the dream of every sniper. Imagine a projectile which is even more dangerous than a rocket but flies slower and leaves no smoke trail. Everyone who likes shoot & hide tactics will love it.

Weapon: Airfist                                   Binding '5'                 bind X "use airfist" bind 5 "cmd class5"
Description: The legend returns. It's back, the first passive Quake1 weapon that was invented ages ago. Blast players, items and everything else into the air; lift your opponents up to the ceiling and watch them take a free flight. Use it to nudge them from edges or to push that BFG your enemy was about to grab into the lava. Try the full defense potential of this weapon by sending grenades (even proxies) back to their master. A tip: try this baby on a rocket or a green BFG plasma bolt. And for the most reckless of you: point the Airfist to the floor and pull the trigger...now this is repulsion. In combination with the Antigrav Belt a very good substitute to the Jet Pack.

Weapon: Flash Grenade                  Binding 'G'                  bind X "use flash grenades"        bind G "cmd grenades"
Description: Throw this thing into the sight line of your opponent and watch him stagger around firing blindly. He won’t be able to see you or anything else. Another good move is to throw it at the floor while running, as a little present for your chasers. Great to escape.

Weapon: Poison Grenade                  Binding 'G'                  bind X "use poison grenades"    bind G "cmd grenades"
Description: When they explode they pump a huge amount of poisoned spray into the surrounding air. Don't be near them when they detonate. The results can be fatal.

Weapon: Laser Mines                  Binding 'G'                  bind X "use laser mines"              bind G "cmd grenades"
Description: Pop it onto a wall, on the floor, the ceiling or anything else, one second later a deadly laser emits out of the mine straight through the room till it stops on another wall or door. If you prepare a room with them, you will see one opponent marching in and two half opponents coming out. So don't, Don't, DON'T walk across the lasers.
Tip: Set them up pointing onto a closed door. That's a rude and nasty surprise for anyone who comes in.
Hint: Due to the fact that they don't fit in any grenade launcher they only can placed by hand.
Note: Laser mines cannot be placed on spawn-points. Also, they explode after the first touch.

Weapon: Living Proximity Mine Binding 'G' bind X "use proxy mine launcher"  bind G "cmd class6" Bind P to deactivate/Activate
Bind P Togglegrenades
Description: These are not the proxy mines everyone knows. Leave them somewhere you know your enemies will hang around. If the mines 'see' an opponent they won't just explode, they'll CHASE 'em and explode. They USUALLY won't hunt their master, but get too close and they might "accidentally" blow up.
A special: You can switch your proxy’s on and off by hitting the 'P' or typing "togglegrenades" on the console. Try to prepare a room with a whole bunch of them in 'deactivated' mode and activate them after you watch someone run into your trap.
Another tip: They now also try to kill enemy turrets! Very nice if that damn enemy base is guarded by two turrets and you only have your blaster left and some proxies
Beware: The Proxies are now so dangerous that they sometimes have a short-circuit. You already know they blow up if you get too close, but it seems some of them have nastier tempers than others.

Weapon: Guided Missile Launcher Binding '7' bind X "use homing missile launcher"  bind 7 "cmd class7"
Description: This is a new kind of ammo for the normal Rocket Launcher is easily recognizable by the blue shining stripes. Excellent if you want to play at being a flak cannon against those Jet Pack users.

Weapon: Buzz Saw Binding '9' bind X "use buzzsaw"      bind 9 "cmd class9"
Description: The famous Buzz Saw Gun. The best is that the blades are reflected from walls and doors. But NOT from other players. They will go straight through them leaving them pretty confused about this funny sound they heard before saying goddbye. So what have we learned? BEWARE of standing in little rooms seeing the opponent down the hallway with a buzzsaw in his hands!

Weapon: The Gravity Vortex Binding '0' bind X "use gravity vortex"   bind 0 "cmd class0"
Description: Now we're at the part of Ancient Weapons With Mystical And Unimaginable Powers. Here's our new favorite sucker (you can take that literally). The two rings look kind of unspectacular at first, but let’s put it this way, throw it and RUN. Two seconds after hitting the ground, this devil will start to vacuum and compress its surroundings into ONE point: items, weapons, PLAYERS. So, for the next 15 seconds, stay out of its way.
Note: It has an approx. 100 foot pull radius.

Weapon: The Automatic Sentry Turrets Binding '0' bind X "use automatic defense turret" bind X "use automatic rocket turret"
bind 0 "cmd class0"
Description: This is the second group of Helpers from Hell. The cute, and brutally effective, Automatic Sentry Turrets. There are two different versions available: the Automatic Defense Turret which uses two nice internal chainguns, and the Automatic Rocket Turret, shooting nasty triple mini-rockets. Both are very rare to find, but if you have one of them, you're lucky. They are ideal for guarding your base in CTF and they shoot until they get killed or their ammo is empty.
Note: Watch out that you don't accidentally hit them with a weapon. In this case their emergency sub-routine will start and fire at their attacker.
Another Note: They love to hunt enemy Proxy Grenades. But beware, due to the fact that Proxy grenades also attack Turrets, a whole bunch of proxies is the ideal "Anti-Turret-Weapon."
Notes for all those weepers who don't know how to kill them:
- Don't DON'T attack them directly. If there's a turret near you run and strafe like hell.
- Rockets are a good thing to get them. Hide behind a near wall, strafe, shoot, strafe.

New Items

Tech Power-ups Binding 'D' bind d "drop tech"
Description: There are four different Power-ups in all levels. Each one exists only one time and you also can carry only one at a time.
- the Power Amplifier, which doubles your attack power.
- the Disruptor Shield, which increases your resistance to enemy attacks.
- the Time Accelerator. It greatly increases the speed of your weapons.
- the Auto Doc. This tech pushes your health and armor up to 150 and then regenerates it constantly.
The tech can easily be dropped by pressing the 'D' key or typing "drop tech" into the console, but once thrown away, the same tech cannot be taken at once again until it respawns or until somebody else has picked it up and somehow dropped it.

Item: Invisibility
Description: An added new kind of power-up. In addition to the Quad Damage and the Invulnerability now comes the Invisibility. As implied, this makes you invisible. The only thing that gives away your position is a slight flicker in the air and some static sounds every few seconds. The whole thing lasts for about thirty seconds

Item: Grappling Hook Binding 'END' bind END +hook
// hook on/off toggle
Binding 'PAGE DOWN' bind PGDN +grow
// for sliding down the chain
Binding 'PAGE UP' bind PGUP +shrink
// for climbing up the chain
Description: Here it is, the ultimate grappler. We have made it that you have to pick up this nice tool before you can use the grapple option. Once you have it you need three keys to navigate with this baby. First, there is your shoot key (in our example 'end'). Point at a wall or something equal, press this key and watch your hook fly. If you keep pressing the grappling hook will instantly pull you up. Good for getting quickly out of dangerous areas. Pressing it again will release you into freedom. The other two keys (for example 'page up' & 'page down') are used to release/roll up the cable. So you can navigate up and down the rope when you are hanging there. Or just stand on an edge, shoot the hook into the ground, release the cable a little bit and then step over the corner
Tip: If you're out of weapons, use the grappling hook on your enemies. These things are pretty sharp.

Item: Tele Zoom Binding 'Z' bind z "zoom 1"
// to zoom in
Binding 'X' bind x "zoom 0"
// the 'BOSS' key
Description: Zoom Binoculars that work in three steps. Just press the zoom key (e.g. 'Z') to get nearer into the action. After pressing the third time you should have a zoom ratio about 1:10. The other key (e.g. 'X') is to get immediately back into the 'real' sight! Good if you're getting surprise fire and don't want to look like someone who's got those damn binos pinned onto his head

Item: Flashlight Binding 'F' bind f "cmd flashlight"
Description: Light up those dark areas, some campers could hide waiting for you. This is also your primary surviving tool if the 'lights-off' or 'low light' mode is activated. But beware, the others can probably figure out your position after seeing your light cone, so use it with caution!

Item: Antigrav Belt Binding 'B' bind b "cmd belt"
Description: This helpful device creates an antigrav field around your lower half that lets you jump up to about three times the normal height and prevents you from drilling yourself into the earth after falling.
Tip: This thing also swallows one cell every 2 seconds. So don't jump from the skyscraper before checking to see if there are enough of them remaining.
Additional hint: This nice tool can get very dangerous if you are standing next to an active gravity vortex. Because of the minimal grip your feet now have, it'll suck you in three times easier.

Item: Scanner Binding 'S' bind s "cmd scanner"
Description: Just pressing the scanner key 'S' reveals a radar in the right corner. If there's someone near you, you can see his signature projected via this H.U.D. onto your screen in his relative position. In addition, a little white circle means that the other guy is on the same level as you. If your enemy is standing higher than you, the points color changes to blue, is he lower then it will become red. To give your prey a fair chance, the scanner emits a motion tracker like sound which also reminds you that it's still eating up your cells. Underwater you can hear a nice sonar ping instead.
A little warning: the scanner consumes about 1 cells per 2 seconds to run, so don't stand in a bunch of enemies, trying to figure out why your BFG is nonfunctional. It's Because you forgot to turn off your scanner.
Note: Due to an quake internal problem the main menu can't be opened while the scanner is turned on. Just in case you were wondering why these guys don't let you out of the game.
Another Note: Remember the last four items: Zoom, Flashlight, Antigrav Belt & Scanner are always in your inventory. You don't have to pick them up to use them. They're right there from the start!

Additional Features

Feature: The Faked Death Binding 'A' bind a "cmd fakedeath"
Description: Imagine being pursued by a mad railgun shooter who will probably kill you with his next hit. How about acting like dead as his next narrow shoot skims you? Just press the 'A' key and your player will go down with a heart-rending scream and look like he's dead. You can wait till the other guy's gone away, then get back up. But if he's one of those people who immediately tries to dispose his dead opponents with an additional shot he'll start to wonder why this corpse still screams. Press 'A' again and keep running
Tip: If you're climbing around with your grapple and you're using this, don't forget to release the hook; Otherwise it looks somewhat funny, a swinging corpse in mid-air.
Another hint: It's only human that sometimes a player cannot act like a professional actor in the middle of a hot and strenuous battle, so don't be surprised if they sometimes exaggerate their death a little bit (like a bad actor).

Feature: The Personal Teleporter Binding 'O' bind o "cmd teleport"
Description: This is a custom teleporter field that can be placed anywhere by hitting the 'O' key (uses up 100 cells). Once placed and you hit 'O' a second time you'll be teleported back to that place. Very nice if you want to get out of trouble quick.
Note: CTF players beware. You can only teleport yourself, NOT the flag.

Feature: The 'Kick' Function Binding 'Insert' bind kp_ins "cmd kick"
Description: You now can kick everything with your feet: ammo, gibs, dead bodies, opponents, even rockets that fly past you. Just place yourself near enough to the object you want to kick and hit the 'Insert' key.

Feature: The Manual Vomit Binding 'V' bind v "throwup"
Description: For those people who can't get enough of the poison grenade. Just press this key and enjoy. Note: Your stomach has to refill itself. You can then 're-vomit' after something about 3 seconds.

Feature: The Kamikaze Mode Binding 'K' bind k "cmd kamikaze"
Description: If you have 10 packs of explosive ammo collectively (e.g. 6 rockets and 4 grenades) and you prefer to make suicide instead of giving another Quaker a frag point, you can change into the kamikaze mode. Your screen starts flashing red and a timer counts down from 5 to zero. Together with a loud "BANZAIIIII" you blow up.

Feature: Normal Life Sounds
Description: We’ve added sounds from everyday life into Chaos for your general amusement. Do you ever miss the feeling of having to sneeze right at the moment you sneak up behind an enemy? They'll be played randomly, so wait and let yourself be surprised. "Hear your Heartbeat"
For an extra thrill you can now hear when your health has fallen rapidly. If it drops below 40 you can hear your heart beating and the less health you have the faster it'll beat, and suddenly, it won't beat at all. This is both funny and useful: as an opponent you can hear the your enemies heart if you are standing near enough to him.

Map Rotation

We have written a new map rotation system. Start a game, load a map and type "sv ml <maplist_file>" in the console (you have to be the server admin to do this). <maplist_file> stands for one of the .txt files in the subdir "maplists" in your Chaos Deathmatch directory. Just type "sv ml q2dm" for example to load the maplist q2dm.txt in the maplists directory. The map rotation is NOT active, yet. To start the rotation type "sv ml <x>" where x stands for "1" (sequential rotation), "2" (random rotation) or "0"(to turn the map rotation off again). Feel free to write your own map lists but be sure to use this format: <mapname>-<ctf><lightsoff>. chaosdm1-01 for example stands for map chaosdm1, ctf off, lightsoff 1.

Havoc Bot

The Havoc Bot is a totally new bot written from scratch. It is NOT based on a source release of another bot. The bots node table system for Chaos DM v1.0 is not totally finished. Especially the ladder movement, it's still missing. For this reason most parts of the node-table roaming system have been temporary deactivated for this release. So don't panic if they do silly things in complex levels. There will be forthcoming versions of the bot.
"sv addbots <amount> <skill> <team> <name> <model/skin>"
Used to add bots to the game. All arguments are optional, use just
"sv addbots 5" for example to add 5 standard bots or "sv addbots 4 4 1"
To add 5 level 4 bots to team 1.
"sv killbot <name>"
Used to disconnect the bot <name> from the game.
Use "sv killbot all" to disconnect all bots.
"join_team <team_number>"
Used to join a certain bot team.
Team "0" means neutral. Players are in team 0 on startup.
You can easily write up nice bot config files by building little bot.cfg files that can be executed in the console. Have a look at b4.cfg as an example for a bot configuration. Use "exec b4.cfg" to execute a certain bot config in-game.

The Chaos Deathmatch Command Configuration File

You can find it in the root of the CHAOS directory, named "SETTINGS.CFG.   This file only works if you have the line "exec settings.cfg" in the autoexec.cfg of the Chaos directory.

ATTENTION!!: The whole Chaos-configuration now works with console commands. So you don't have to quit Quake2 anymore to ban a certain item or if you want a new startup weapon. Just type the command you have seen in the 'setting.cfg' directly into the console (e.g. "set lightsoff 1") and restart the level. All bindings of the Chaos weapons and items can be changed if you want to place your favorite feature on a different key.

The weapon and item banning/startup giving: great to construct your own game mode. For Example, I want only explosive weapons but everyone should have the rocket launcher right from the start. No problem. More info about this directly in the "settings.cfg" file. Just open it with any editor. But PLEASE make a backup copy from the original one before you start to mix it up.

The Chaos Deathmatch Server Settings: "set poisontime X" and "set blindtime X": You have an option to change the duration of the poisoning/blinding affect of the poison/flash grenades. The number describes the time of the duration in seconds. "set lasertime X" (default 100): The duration of the lasermines in seconds.
"set proxytime X" (default 60): The time till the nasty Proxymines make a self-destruct in seconds.
"set defence_turret_ammo X" (default 1000): The ammo of the AutoDefenceTurret.
"set rocket_turret_ammo X" (default 120): The amount of rockets the AutoRocketTurret has on startup.
"set dynamic_node_table_generation X" (default O): To switch the dynamic node table generation on or off.
"set start_invulnerable_time X" (default 3): The time in seconds you are invulnerable after re-spawning. This only works after you got killed, not after using a normal teleporter.
"set lightsoff X": This simple line of letters provides a full new type of quake gaming. Just imagine if you were to blast out the fuses in the whole level only leaving the slight glow of the items, water, lava and sunsets. Welcome to your 'darkest' nightmare. In this mode of playing, hearing is essential and making noise is deadly. Your only friend will be your flashlight ("f" to toggle), but beware. Friends can also become traitors. So use it wisely, or your light cone might reveal your position.
The settings are: 0 for normal light mode
1      for more dawn-like light conditions
2 for complete darkness

Chaos Capture the Flag

IMPORTANT: If you want to play CTF games you have to copy the file pak0.pak from your Quake2 ThreeWave CTF directory into a neutral folder, rename it to "pak9.pak" and move it to your Chaos directory.

You can change the game mode (DM or CTF) in game by typing "ctf 0" or "ctf 1" on the console and then restarting the level afterwards.

When you connect to a CHAOS CTF server, you will either be automatically assigned to a team or you will be in an invisible spectator mode where you can select your team. You can change teams later on by using the "team" command and selecting red or blue in the console - for example, "team red" will change to red team. You spawn at your team's base. If you die, you are not spawned at the base, but at one of the deathmatch start spots randomly placed in the level. If you pick up the enemy flag, you must return to base and touch your flag in order to score. Note: that if you get back to the base, your flag might not be there if the other team has it. Get the rest of your team to go frag the enemy player and get your flag back. When a player carrying the enemy flag touches his flag he completes a successful capture. He gets a bonus of 15 points, and everyone on his team gets 10 points. If you kill an opposing team player who has your flag he drops it, earning yourself 2 points. If you touch your flag, it will teleport back to your base, giving you 1 point as a recovery bonus. This gives base defenders a reward for guarding their flag. Since everyone starts at their base after level change or joining the game, the team will have to work out who is going to go on offense to try to get the enemy flag, and who will play defense by staying at base and guarding their own flag.

The server configuration: due to the fact that CHAOS DM CTF is based on Zoid's ThreeWave CTF, also the same deathmatch flags are used. They are:
The DF_CTF_FORCEJOIN option will cause players joining the server to automatically be assigned to a team (no menu or spectator mode is available). DF_ARMOR_PROTECT may be set to cause your attacks to not harm teammates' armor (health protect is always on). DF_CTF_NO_TECH turns off the Tech Power-ups.
For example, say you wish to configure a server with weapons stay, instant items, spawn farthest, force respawn, quad drop, and armor protect, you would use:
4 + 16 + 512 + 1024 + 16384 + 262144 = 280084
Then you would run the server as:  quake2 +set game chaos +set ctf 1 +set deathmatch 1 +set dmflags 935444 +map ctf1  (add a +set dedicated 1 for dedicated servers).
A sample server.cfg file is included for server operators that set default modes. Server operators just run: quake2 +set game chaos +exec server.cfg
Add a "+set dedicated 1" to the command line for dedicated servers.
The ThreeWave CTF Levels:
There are 5 levels integrated into the (to "pak1.pak" renamed) CTF pack file. They are as follows:
q2ctf1 - McKinley Revival
q2ctf2 - Stronghold Opposition
q2ctf3 - The Smelter
q2ctf4 - Outlands
q2ctf5 - Capture Showdown

There's also an additional feature which is now also working in normal DM: It's the new 'id' command that enables player identification display. Type "id" in the console to turn it on. Then whoever you are looking at will be displayed on the HUD. The display is <name>\<model>/<skin>.


Authors: Flash ( flash@telefragged.com )
SPA ( spa@telefragged.com )
Website: http://chaosdm.telefragged.com
Coding: Flash
Graphics: SPA
Ideas/Testing: again Flash & SPA
Readme.txt: SPA
Maps: Nat (Chaosdm2 & 3). Craig (Chaosdm1)
Thanks to Perecli Manole for releasing the code for his swinging grappling hook. It has helped us a lot with coding our grapple. You can find his website at: http://phook.symix.com/hook.  Also thanks to the Painkeep guys. (http://www.planetquake.com/skins/painkeep).  Especially to Christopher Bolin for the basic concept and idea of the airfist. A great thing. (http://www.planetquake.com/skins/airfist)

Additional thanks to the guys from the 'Shot Just Once' Development Team! (http://www.telefragged.com/sjo) Their first fantastic sound pack inspired me half a year ago to start to remix the Quake2 wav files on my own.

And thanks to the tutorial authors at Qdevels. Your tutorials have helped us with creating the Jetpack and Scanner.

And to all those guys out there in the net who sent us their suggestions and opinions about Chaos.

And finally many many thanks to these two guys who helped me to wipe out the massive traces of my bad English out of this readme. Wooly Bda from Clan Backstab for correcting any spelling and grammatical mistakes he found and Hellif Ino for correcting some grammar, typos, bit of spelling and a couple bits of misinformation.