Attaching models to func_* entities can by tricky. This document illustrates how to achieve this with both the model2 key as well with targeting a model to the entity.

The model2 Key

func_* entities can use a model2 key to attach an external MD3 model file to the entity. While it works universally for all func_* entities (except func_group and func_timer), it has limitations: the model file must be in .md3 format and the model will not be visible in Radiant so proper placement of the model is problematic.


Models Targeting func_* Entities

Alternatively, a misc_model entity can target the func_* entity and the two will operate together. This is beneficial because misc_model entities can accept a wider range of model formats as well as being visible in Radiant.


However, there is an exception when working with func_doors and func_plats. These two entities are expecting an actual targeting trigger, not a model file. Using the above method, func_door and func_plat will fail to operate as it is waiting for a target event from the model. We can work around this by creating a separate trigger_* entity that initalizes the event. model2